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Show Descriptions

Show Descriptions
Balloon Twisting Art
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Strolling Magic


The strolling magic style is where I wander around mingling with the group-performing close up miracles with cards, coins, ropes, and many borrowed objects.  Magic happens in many people’s hands and right under their noses.  In some of my routines I create the illusion that your guests are performing the magic themselves.  This is always a big hit and generates tons of laughs. 


Birthday party magic


My basic show includes a forty-minute stand up performance in front of a captive group of no more than twenty-five children.  This shows features the birthday person as the star and includes eight routines that bring volunteers from the audience up to participate in the show. Some of the routines are performed with music.   This show crosses all age boundaries because the adults, teenagers, younger children, and even small toddlers enjoy it.



I can also add live animals into the act.  At the beginning of the act I produce three live doves.  For the finale I change one of the birds into a rabbit and then magically split the rabbit into two rabbits that everyone is welcome to pet and visit after the show.  The addition of animals to the show include special effects of a fog machine and curtain back drop which makes any living room feel like a magical theater.  You can add this to your show for an additional

School Shows


Trade Show Magic


Adrian can customize a magic show that helps sell your products and services.   You customzied magic presentation can be performed at your trade show booth to increase visiblity, leads, and sales.